3rd Edition of the Mixed Arts Festival

16 Jun 3rd Edition of the Mixed Arts Festival

An annual event that celebrates Aboriginal Artists and Cultural Diversity

Montreal June 16th, 2015 – On June 19, 20 and 21st, the 3rd Edition of the Mixed Arts Festival will take place at the Ashukan Cultural Space located at 431 Place Jacques- Cartier in the heart of Old Montreal.

In celebration of National Aboriginal Day, more than 30 artists and artisans are coming together for the 3rd Edition of the Mixed Arts Festival, which allows the delegation of

Aboriginal artists and non‐Aboriginal to present their work in a context of cultural exchange, sharing of knowledge and artistic practices through professional collaboration. There will also be a musical presentation of Shauit, innuregaeman performing on Sunday June 21st @ 7:00pm.


The Mixed Arts Festival Objective

The main objectives of the festival are professional development, market and audience development and cultural democratization through cultural exchange.

Montreal remains a traditional territory for political meetings between the Chiefs of the 11 Nations of Quebec but also the territory where the contribution of different nations is evident in many other spheres, including culture and the arts. In 2015, the integrating Aboriginal Culture in the urban landscape was achieved through the inauguration of the Ashukan Cultural Space on May 25th, 2015.

This space will create new opportunities and essential social, professional and economic development for Indigenous creators. Ashukan, name chosen for the project, rises in the Algonquin language and means “the bridge” whose primary objective is to build bridges between Aboriginal artists, the public and the art market, from here and elsewhere.