Amanda T. Sam



À propos de l'artiste

Amanda T. Sam was born and raised along the East Coast of James Bay in Iiyiyuu Istchii. Her greatest inspirations take root from her first teachers in life; her late-grandparents. Their wisdom shared and knowledge shown through language became for Amanda gifts of infinite gratitude and a lifetime heritage of her culture.

According to Amanda, artists have a vital role to play to preserve Aboriginal culture: “The artist is the one who « narrates the stories » of his (her) community, its people and its ancestor. The artist gives them a voice.” Her artistic career grounds her in her Aboriginal identity, which is nevertheless changing and evolving. Her paintings can be admired at the Ashukan Cultural Space and in several band councils of the Cree nation. Amanda is also active in the world of communication and media. She completed a college degree in 2010 at Dawson College in Visual Arts and is currently studying philosophy, with a minor in English literature at Concordia University. Her voice is one of an emerging artist in search of her truth through the exploration of its multiple identities.