08 Jun 6th Edition of the Mixed Arts Festival

From June 15 to 17, in the heart of Old Montreal, will be held the 6th edition of Mixed Arts Festival organized by Sacred Fire Productions. More than 50 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists will gather in the "circle of change". Thus, all cultures will come...

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August 3 - September 1 2017 As part of the exhibition From Smoke to Cyber ​​Signals, Abenaki artist Carmen Hathaway explores cultural reminiscences and indigenous influences using digital and contemporary expressions. The exhibition addresses various themes such as communication mode, symbolic and semiological representations that link...

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25 Jan Indigenous artists, Let your voices be heard!

To kick off 2017, we’re inviting Urban Montreal Indigenous artists to speak up! As the Founder and Executive Director of  Sacred Fire Productions, a not-for-profit Aboriginal arts organization, dedicated to the promotion of Indigenous arts and artists, I am proud to announce that we are launching...

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