Launch of two brands:

10 Dec Launch of two brands:



Montreal, December 10th 2015 – Launch of Eruoma Awashish (Awa Rebel), Akawui Riquelme (Cruz Andina) and Carlos at Ashukan Cultural Space on December 10, 2015 from 17h to 21h. 


The artist Eruoma Awashish (Atikamekw Nation) launches her brand AWA REBEL. Awa Rebel is a “brand that values affirmation of our identity and to our values and traditions. The creation of this unique and original line allows my art to be accessible to everybody beyond borders. Art becomes the vector by which messages get spread and my clothes line becomes its support. “



Akawui Riquelme is a multidisciplinary artist from Chile. He launches his clothing line, AKA CRUZ ANDINDA, which is a brand that has its own identity and keeps the cultural and spiritual values of Aboriginal peoples of Americas. Its emblem is the Chacana, the cross that unites the nations where reigned the South Eagle with the nations of the North Eagle.


Carlos Ortiz says Guko is a Salvadoran artist (from Pipils people’s) who began his artistic creations in Montreal. After solo and group exhibitions in El Salvador, France, Mexico and Czech Republic, Guko exposes Evolucion Geometrica and pays tribute to the forms that constitute our universe and what seems to be life’s coincidences of life