NICO WILLIAMS – Mnidnoominehnsuk

Nico Williams

20 Jul NICO WILLIAMS – Mnidnoominehnsuk


Anishinaabe Ojibwe
Contemporary Art

Spirit Berries
Geometric beaded sculpture

August 8 – October 7


Mnidnoominehnsuk signifies Spirit Berries, carrier of teachings that allow us to explore Ojibwe legends. Nico William’s geometric beaded sculptures explore patterns of power, traditions and healing of the nations of the Great Lakes region. The artist finds inspiration from the Spirit Berries and weaves stories that reflect the customs and the beauty of the Ojibwe territory.

His works explode with delicate colors and patterns of vines and twisted flowers to narrate the stories of his people and pay tribute to the ancestors. These sculptures are created to heal the generational trauma that is prevalent within reservation life today. Some surfaces of the sculptures are left completely blank as a metaphor for the void, the loss of our “stolen sisters”.

The sculptures are created to inspire and transform indigenous communities. Nico Williams wants to carry on the commitment started 1962, by the Woodlands school movement, and pass down traditions into the 21st century for all members of First Nations, Inuit and Metis nations and all generations to come.


Espace Culturel Ashukan
431 Place Jacques-Cartier
Old Montreal

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